Deal of the Day

It’s been a while since we’ve mentioned a gaming deal, but this one kinda slapped me in the face this morning.

Many eons ago, back in 2006, I went to E3 when Kentia Hall was still hallowed ground. And while there, I found a few fabulous finds. One was this crazy controller called the Falcon. Another was this addictive little game called Guitar Hero.

The third thing that caught my eye was the Wolfking Warrior keypad. As a PC gamer at the time, it was pretty much the answer to a lot of problems I was having.

This morning I checked Woot, and to my delight and surprise, there it is. Woot is offering a Wolfking Warror for  $15.99 with $5 shipping. This is a screaming deal, as all are Woots, so if you do any WoW-ing or even some PC L4D-ing, you might want to think about picking up one of these.

I just did.

  • Was on the edge of buying these until i saw your post. Just ordered a green one from woot. The only question i have is if this will work right if i plug it in while leaving my original keyboard in as well