Platform Nation’s Gaming Nights For The Week Of January 24th

This weeks installment of Platform Nation’s Gaming Nights will start of right away with XBL Radio’s  Gaming Night:

HOST:  XBL Radio

PLATFORM:  Xbox 360

GAME:  Visit XBL Radio to cast your vote

WHEN: January 24 (Saturday)

TIME:  10 p.m. EST

XBL Radio plays host to a gaming night every Saturday night.  If you want in on that action make sure you visit the site and cast your vote.  Don’t forget to send MrB4 a Xbox Live message to let him know to count you in.

The next Gaming Night for this week will be hosted by a Platform Nation community member and he goes by the gamertag dwigg:

HOST:  dwigg

PLATFORM:  PlayStation 3

GAME:  Resistance 2

WHEN:  January 27 (Tuesday)

TIME:  7 p.m.

To get in dwigg’s Resistance 2 action you can hit him up on the PlayStation 3, his gamertag is of course dwigg.

TQcast plays host to a gaming night every Wednesday and here’s what they are playing this week.


PLATFORM:  PlayStation 3


WHEN:  January 28 (Wednesday)

TIME:  6:30 p.m. PST

Join the TQ family for some SOCOM action this week.  If you want in on there action make sure you add your PSN ID on the comment section of the TQ Cast Gaming Night.

This is this weeks wrap up and remember if you would like your night posted send me all the information I would need to make a accurate post and I will make sure it gets out there.  Keep Gaming and remember  Platform Nation is where United We Game!

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