XBL Radio Review-”The Monkey King, The Legend Begins” (Wii)

Appearances can sometimes be deceiving, especially when it comes to the front cover of a video game. I felt this way as soon as i saw the case cover art for a game on the Wii called “The Monkey King: The Legend Begins”. I thought I was going to end up with a game similar to God of War, kind of like a hack and slash type of deal, oh boy was I wrong. This is an old school 2D side scrolling shooting game, but it is mediocre at best. Anyways, let us get right to the review, shall Wii.

First of all, the story is lame, predictable, and way too short. You can choose to either be Wukung Chen or Mei Mei, who are both training to be cloud masters (whatever that means), and fight your way through 6 different levels in order to save the world from cute pets who have turned into monsters (again, very boring and lame). There is no spoken dialogue in the game, instead there are just text scenes to explain the story. These are cheesy, and are not really needed because the premise is so simple to begin with. Let us move on to graphics and gameplay.

The graphics are refreshing and simple. Everything is presented in a side-scrolling 2D matter, which is nice to see, but at this point, games on the Wii need to look at the very least a little bit better than this. I honestly felt like I was playing a game on the SNES, do not get me wrong, the SNES was awesome, but if I wanted to play an SNES game, I would just play one of  my virtual console games instead of wasting my time on this. The graphics can be summed up in one word, outdated.

The gameplay is a little too easy as well. you hold the Wii remote sideways, move with the d-pad up, down, left, and right, shoot your weapon with the 2 button, and that is about it. You can also tilt your Wii remote from side to side to tilt the screen, but this is neither a necessary task to accomplish in order to complete the game, or fun to do, it is more of just an addition that means nothing. You do also get special moves that you can use by pressing the 1 button, but you do not need them, simply because every enemy in the game can be defeated by holding down the 2 button to shoot your weapon until an enemy is defeated. The boss fights are a joke, and take about 30 seconds to complete each time, so the game is not much of a challenge either. If the boss fights were a little more difficult, and if there was more powerups to use, the gameplay might be exciting, but it is not.

If you are looking for a game with replay value, great graphics, and interesting gameplay, look elsewhere. I completed this game in less than an hour, and there ws nothing to do expect play the levels in an arcade mode, or race through each of the levels as fast as possible after I was done with it. With nothing to unlock from playing either of these modes, there is no reason to explore this game past the main quest.  You can also play through this game with a friend, but I would not recommend it, mainly because your health bar is split into halves, when it should just be one full bar for each character, very disappointing.

My final verdict: Rent it, play it once, finish the game, then return it, and never look back. Even though it is only $9.99, i still cannot recommend it to anyone, there are just way too many problems with it.

Until next time gamers, this is B4 signing off

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