TQCast Gaming Night for Wed. 01/28/09


Last Wednesday’s Gaming night was a success! I want to thank everybody that came out and played Burnout Paradise with us! (Bigmangriff, Infected, Steve519, Leftybrown (welcome to the dark side), Maggot, Zarate_2008, Denoch, and Bigmangriff’s brother)

By popular demand,  SOCOM CONFRONTATION has been chosen for this Wednesday’s TQGame night. If you have not played SOCOM, just like us, I recommend you start practicing, and install the updates. We will be hunting for trophy’s just like we did with burnout. I hope you can all make it and see you on the PSN next Wednesday at 6:30pm PST! yeah!

P.S. Make sure to add our PSN ID’s and add your PSN ID in the comments below if you want in.

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  • I’m thinking that ranked (trophy hunting) may be a bit lame for gaming night – I really hate waiting 7-10 minutes after every death. Or making people wait would be more accurate – I won’t die easily.

  • infectedpb503

    umm not really possible to go trophy hunting in this game. i don’t see anyone getting 150-250 kills in one night. but i’ll be there and will be killing everyone (thats not on my team) and will be doing the robot on your dead body! Love me some SOCOM!

  • Yeah, I don’t think trophy hunting would be the plan. Let’s just play, I forgot how it feels to play Socom.

  • I thought you guys were going to stand around and let me shoot you guys 150-250 times for that trophy????? that was the plan the entire time! wtf?