GameStop Shenanigans?? : Developers Beware


Recently, I stopped at a few different GameStops to purchase a copy of Burnout: Paradise (I should have owned it already…I know) and left with only a conspiracy theory.

Could it be that GameStop only re-stocks high quantities of new release titles in attempt to force consumers into buying used copies of older games?

Considering they make more of a profit margin on used titles this would be a smart yet corrupt business move on their part. Why restock 10 more copies of Burnout:Paradise when there are 10 used copies on the shelf? Will a casual consumer that walks in looking for that title most likely buy the used copy instead of waiting for a new re-stock to arrive?


They’ve already taken the trip to the store; why leave without a game? Casual gamers don’t even know who or what Criterion Games is – never mind care about who’s getting their money.

Needless to say – none of 3 local “Stops” had a NEW copy of the game, and in attempt to support Criterion Games I didn’t rest until I found an unopened copy. I would much rather give $20 bucks to Criterion than $17 to GameStop.

Maybe I’m on to something here. Maybe Game Developers should start paying attention to how and what these businesses are shipping.

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  • Alex Shaw

    I think you may have something there.