Guitar Hero World Tour Outsells Rock Band 2

Guitar Hero World Tour has outsold Rock Band 2 with a 2 to 1 ratio.  While this news maybe no surprise to some, I was taken back by the numbers released by the NPD group that compiled the all format sale of 2008’s music titles.

When Guitar Hero World Tour was released there was numerous problems with the bundle such as the drums not registering when hit and the guitar had a serious delay when hitting notes,  not that Rock Band 2 did not have it’s share of problems also, but nothing like Guitar Hero.

With problems aside maybe Rock Band lost out to Guitar Hero World Tour because when it was released it was released for all platforms unlike Rock Band 2 which just recently released the Wii and the PlayStation 2 versions.

To say the least both Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band 2 are great games and either one you own or choose to buy they will provide you with hours of enjoyment either playing solo or rocking out with a group of friends.

Congratulations to Guitar Hero World Tour.

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  • Is this global or just in the U.S./North America, coz if it’s global it’s no surprise at all, as outside of NA Rock Band 2 is only available for the XBox 360 even now (360 version released in lat November I believe), and we still don’t have any RB2 instruments at all (even for the 360). Dispite all this crap, I still think RB2 is the better game (if only because of the DLC). Perhaps it also has a small amount to do with the brand name “Guitar Hero”, as it has abeen around for far longer than Rock Band.

  • WCC5723

    This is based on U.S. sales only