Mortal Kombat VS. DCU Is A Hit

Midway announced today that Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe has shipped 1.8 million copies across the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
Midway may be at death’s door, but at least the Mortal Kombat brand may live on. Ed Boone stated that they are actually working on the next version of Mortal Kombat right now.


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  • Looks like picking up that DC license worked for Midway. I wonder if people picked it up just for the Joker or the fact that this may be the last MK. Then again – i wonder how many of the shipped copies sold. I have yet to see anyone on my friends list play it.

  • WCC5723

    I played it and enjoyed the game. I mostly picked it up because I am a DC fan.

  • kosamus, check that Joystiq source link, they are working on another MK (thank god!)

    I personally though it wasn’t that great of a game. I have only played it once, but it was nothing great at all, and I definitely didn’t feel it was a “next gen super hd” version of MK. The thing is, when I played it, I was in a crowd of people who loved it. Also my cousins play the hell out of it. I used to think I was in the majority of people who dislike the game, but I really think I might be in the minority.