P*N Tritton AXPro Video Review

Welcome to Platform Nation’s Tritton AXPro video review, today we are showing off Tritton’s news gaming headset, the AXPro.

Things you should know about the Tritton AXPro:
* MSRP of 179.99, BUT has them for sell right now for 159.99
* Works with Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Mac, PC and several other gaming platforms
* 8 independent speakers to give you TRUE 5.1 surround sound
* Works with Xbox Live and PSN voice chat
* Illuminated inline volume controller
* Hardware decoded Dolby Digital

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  • I have been wearing TRITTON products for over 2 years now. I wore their AX360 and when the AXPro were released I switched. I really like the AXPRO’s. They are lighter, they controls for volume settings are so much easier to handle.

    Great review there Steve.


  • Im looking at buying a 5.1 headset and am looking at a Turtlebeach or a TRITTON product but it has to be compatible with 360,Ps3 and PC.
    I have a questions about this headset Steve.

    Since this headset comes with a box that handles 5.1 does your soundcard have to output 5.1?

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    I love that Command and Conquer song, but I think I love that headset more. Hmmm…with the new baby girl coming this week, I’ll think this will have to be a purchase.

    Thanks for the review Steve!

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