Resident Evil 5 Draws Near Starting With The Demo

That is correct Xbox 360 owners. The Resident Evil 5 demo hit XBL today. I am in the mist of downloading the demo right now, but once I get some game play time in I’ll report on it. There is two player online and offline co-op.

For those of you who have not seen Resident Evil: Degeneration and you are going to buy this game, your going to be at a loss. A new company called Tricell appearing in the movie and in the game. By not watching the movie you will be missing out on a plot device.

I have seen Degeneration, for a movie it was quite good. It was better than expected, and is a must see for fans.

For you Playstation 3 owners out there, do not fear. Next week the demo will be infecting your Playstation. Just keep a look out for it.

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