A Commercial Idea, Sony

In light of all the bad press Sony and its product, the Playstation 3, receives from podcasters, journalists, and gamers, I thought it would be a good idea to show Sony a grand idea for a television commercial.

You have all, I am sure, seen the commercials Sony shows on television with people walking around the city with either a Sony character imposed on a t-shirt or a building,but the commercials never quite convey their intended message…which is to show off and hopefully sell systems and PS3 products to the masses.

What I would like to show here are the pieces necessary to display the system and products in a better light.

So here we go, Sony. Here is an idea for a commercial.

You start out showing the planet Earth and the camera zooms down to a location of your choosing.

Then you show some people with some PS3 controllers, playing one of the latest games. There are smiles all around.

Insert actual gameplay footage of Little Big Planet or another top title.

Cut the gameplay footage over to another living room where mom and dad are about to sit down with their children to watch a blu-ray movie.

Insert some footage of a blu-ray movie that would appeal to a mass audience.

Then you can cut to some more gameplay footage of Killzone 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, Motorstorm 2, or whichever game you feel might appeal to people the most. Perhaps show 3-4 seconds of a handful of titles.

Then you end the commercial with an image of the planet Earth again and flash up the Playstation 3 logo.

“Playstation 3. The world of media comes home to you.”

This is just a rough idea I had. Let us stray away from creepy babies in commercials. No longer show us vague images of people with Sackboys or whatnot on their shirts or surroundings. Display game footage either when people are playing them on a television or show them full screen to let the viewers see what it could look like on their own dislay setup.

It is time for a new direction with marketing. I only hope my idea might spark someone’s imagination that has a say with Sony.

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  • It is true that Sony needs to stop being so abstract with their marketing. I did chuckle at the racist stereotypes of the psp mexican ghetto squirrels, but that was a humor gateway to pay attention to the crudely drawn animations cracking jokes infront of what a psp screen looks like in motion. I do like the humor, because a good joke can really impact a persons memory. Just hope Sony works with something original, but no too weird and campy.

  • bortyuk

    A back to basics add like that would do alot of good for Sony. There’s nothing quite like saying this is my product and this is what it does sort of add to spell it out to a wider, less informed or less techy audience.