Banjo-Tooie to beat up on XBLA this April

When Microsoft said Banjo-Tooie was coming to Xbox Live Arcade in early 2009, we were hoping for something in the first quarter or so. Rare’s announcement this week puts the game just beyond that window and into April.

Rare is calling it a “note-perfect migration” with upped graphics and framerate. BT will also feature the ill-fated Stop ‘n’ Swop, a relic from the Nintendo 64 days allowing items collected in Banjo-Kazooie to materialize in the sequel. No indication on what such items will be or how they’ll affect gameplay. As for the cost, mum’s the word for now, but our guess is it’ll be at or near BK’s 1200 ($15) price tag. (

Fans of the Banjo games will be glad to hear Banjo-Tooie will be making its way to XBLA sometime in April!

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  • i loved banjo kazoo now i will love more banjo tooie

  • jyj705

    thank god! i just downloaded banjo 1 becuase a girl i like wanted to play it… in the last 6 days i have seen her 5 days

    those have been 5 awesome days… Thank GOD 2 is coming out!