Fallout 3:Operation Anchorage DLC Thoughts


Now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 800 MP is the “Operation Anchorage” DLC for Fallout 3, which takes you through a simulation of the liberation of Alaska from the Chinese.  I don’t want to ruin anything for anyone – so I’m going to keep this as detail free as can be.

Don’t expect any new blip location on the map when you load up your Save file, after the DLC download.  That’s not how you activate the new content.  Actually, you receive a new radio transmission on your Pip Boy from some “Outkast” looking for help in the form of fire power. I didn’t receive the transmission at load up either; it took a minute or two. Wait for it.

This is a nice departure from D.C, to say the least. The new achievements and weapons are “easter egg” additions. The enemies make me feel like I’m suddenly playing Golden eye and not Fallout.  The locations are brighter and more “lit up”.

4-5 hours worth of exploring and gun fights compose the Anchorage DLC and I will gladly pay for more content like this. It may be true that it’s not everything I wished for in DLC content for my favorite game of 2008 – but I understand how hard it must be for Bethesda to balance the variations of character levels walking through the game at this given moment.

Anchorage gets thumbs up from me. If you consider Fallout 3 your favorite game of 2008, I’m pretty sure you’re going to really enjoy this.

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