Gold Lancer Is Free On

If you bought Gears of War 2 on day one in order to get a code for a gold Lancer, be prepared to get the shaft. Available on the Xbox Live Marketplace (website only), you can get the gold Lancer for free.
Gold Lancer
So, first Epic decides to put the Flashback Map Pack up on the marketplace even after they said it would only be available if you purchased a sealed copy of the game. Now the gold lancer is free to everyone.

Am I missing something here?

Anyway, click here to queue up your golden weapon and enjoy!

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  • WCC5723

    I guess this is good, I only say this because I am so tired of playing and hearing people saying that all you have to do is make a phone call and say the code was never in the box and get the gold lancer for free (scammed). Now I don’t have to hear how easy it is to scam MS because it’s free to everyone. (the map pack still has me baffled ) Why MS Why!

  • I won my Golden Lancer code from Platform Nation – I kinda feel robbed now. I can honestly say that Epic has been banging EA on the side and caught something nasty and infectious.The DLC Scaggz

  • There’s an update to this story. Apparently it was an error. Microsoft and Epic are going to try and take the Lancer back with a patch. WTF?