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Main Topic: Join us as we interview the man, the myth, the legend, Steve Artlip, Editor and Chief at Platform Nation.  We learn a little bit about the beginnings of Platform Nation, about some ideas for the future, but most importantly about “sounding”.  Of course that conversation took place off the air so you’ll just have to let your imagination run with that.

Special Guest: Steve Artlip

Check out the full show notes by clicking the link below.

Around the Pool Table:


– Playing Burnout Paradise, R2 and can’t wait for the Fallout 3 DLC to come out this week.  Also, turned a few people on to Uncharted this month, the newest being Rodder XP from
– Watching Burn Notice, Lost, Smallville.
– Dabbled in the RE5 demo.
– Playing Ninja Town on the DS.
– In real life, played poker, and won… again.
– Played board game Dominion.
– Watched the X-Games and the NHL All-Star Game.
– Playing WOW (crabs?) and Everyday Shooter PSP.
– Watched Slumdog Millionaire.
– Rewired house for cable.
– Finished Fallout 3
– Purchased Valkyria Chronicles (Voting with dollars)
– Watching Burn Notice – Thanks Woody!
– Playing DS Homebrew.
– Watching Nip Tuck, Flight of the Conchords.

TD Newscast
– PSN – Not so much.
– This is the EA that gamers (who have an infinite amount of time to devote to gaming and believe that a game can only be enjoyed by grinding for endless hours because apparently you shouldn’t be allowed to pay $5 extra bucks and unlock everything to have fun immediately but instead you must earn your right to have fun) love to hate. – Slight emphasis added by Bryan.

The Best Music You’ve (probably) Never Heard: Mogwai – The Hawk is Howling

TD Community
– PN Question of the week – Who will win the Super Bowl?
– Tony – If you could live in any video game, what genre would it be?
– Comment of the week: Woody!

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