TQCast Gaming Night for Wed. 02/04/09

Thank you all for showing up and supporting TQ by being part of the TQ Gaming Night once AGAIN!. Big shout outs go to: Sooch, Steve519, InfectedPB503, Ac1dsmok3r, Acidtestkids, Nativ3skills, Desz, Desz’s Son, Denoch, Kosamus, and Hotboyzzs. Thanks for putting up with the lag SOCOM gave us (even though i had no lag, lol).

Once again, TQFAM has spoken and have chosen RESISTANCE 2 for our TQGame night game! This game is also a MUST have for the PS3 especially because of the co-op feature. Setting up games should be a breeze (unlike SOCOM.. lol) Make sure to practice if you havent touched this in a while like me. Hope you can all make it and we will be on the PSN Wednesday at 6:30pm PST ready for this!

P.S. Make sure to add our PSN ID’s and add your PSN ID in the comments below if you want in.

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