Fallout 3 to break 1250 ‘limit’

by Erik Johnsen

In the latest podcast from OXM, Fallout 3 executive producer Todd Howard revealed that the upcoming DLC for Fallout 3 will break the 1250 mark.


“The Pitt” and “Broken Steel” will combine for another 250 achievement points added to the current 1100 available from the regular game and recently released DLC “Operation: Anchorage.”

While the hosts remark that it will make Fallout 3 the first game to surpass the 1250 limit, Halo 3 fans already know there are achievements forthcoming that will push the new total to 1750.

Todd Howard also hinted that there may be additional achievements for Fallout 3 later on after “Broken Steel,” but wouldn’t comment on whether they actually were going to develop further content beyond the already announced DLC packs.

Check out the episode for yourself here. OXM Podcast Episode 150

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