It’s All About the Community (games)

In our next episode (#47, currently scheduled to record on Thursday, 02.05.09) we will be discussing the Xbox LIVE Community Games initiative. As much as we all value our own opinions, this topic is one that especially needs input from our community (no pun intended).

Please comment below (or, email:; call: 559-892-1671) and let us know:

Have you tried out the Community Games section on the Xbox Marketplace?

What games have impressed you?  What games have disappointed you?

Do you think that this is a “feature” you will come back to as a customer?  

Do you look for “indie games” in other places (e.g. PC or iPhone)?

Are you planning to get (or already are) involved in creating your own game?

You can also browse through all of the games here.  If you have any favorites, or any games you simply want us to check out, please tell us the name (or, for bonus points: attach a link).

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