P*N’s Gaming Nights For The Week of Jan. 31

What’s  up Platform Nation community, Scott here with your weekly update for Platform Nation’s Community Gaming Nights for the week of January 31st.

I’ll start this week off with XBL Radio’s gaming night:

HOST:  XBL Radio

PLATFORM:  Xbox 360

GAME:  Visit XBL Radio to cast your vote

WHEN:  January 31st (Saturday)

TIME:  10 p.m. EST

If you would like to join XBL Radio send Mr.B4 or one of the other host’s of XBL Radio a Xbox live message  and let them know you want in on some of their action for the night.  They have some good games up for vote so head over there and cast your vote.

Next up is the guys over at TQ Cast with their weekly Wednesday gaming night hosted by JUiCE and Desz.


PLATFORM: PlayStation 3

GAME: Resistance 2

WHEN: February 4th (Wednesday)

TIME:  6:30 p.m. PST

Visit TQcast and leave your PSN id under the comment section if you want in on some Resistance 2 action for their weekly gaming night taking place this Wednesday February 4th at 6:30 PM  PST, I have yet to play with TQcast (I don’t have many PS3 games) but it always sounds like a good time with all the feed back on the forums, so check them out!

Which ever gaming night you get in on, or maybe you will be able to hook up with both gaming nights, it will prove to be fun and a great way to meet fellow gamers of the Platform Nation Community.

Well fellow community members that is all for this week, and if you would like to get your gaming night posted here shoot me a PM on the forums or send me an email at [email protected] and I will make sure your information gets posted here just include your name, what platform you will be playing on, what game you will be playing, when your night is and don’t forget the time , and please include what time zone it is set for.  Keep gaming and at Platform Nation, United We Game!

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  • maybe a better title would be P*N’s Gaming Nights For The Week of Jan 31

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  • WCC5723

    Thanks, should have looked at that. All fixed up.