DJ Hero Out This Year. Someone Should Stop This.

I have the most respect for you DJ’s out there, sometimes that has to be one of the most irritating job in the world, especially at a school dance. Other times, you guys get to shine as someone who made in impact on the music world. DJ’s have helped create some of the oldest hits that are actually still being listened to today, yet I firmly believe they should not get a video game.

As I said no offense to you DJ’s, but do you guys really think that you need a video game? Quite frankly this game is attempting to grab a piece of the music video game pie. Guitar Hero and Rock Band are both respectable games which I hope have many more sequels and differences in the genre. Sadly enough that is where music video games need to stop.

Wii Music can almost describe about what I am talking about, I remember when these types of games first started making noise (no pun intended), all I could think about was how this game just should not exist. Simply put, you can’t make a music video game into a kid’s game. That is what Nintendo attempted to do, and as you can see, they didn’t do very well at all. Sure Wii Music was a noble attempt, but in reality Nintendo wanted to grab a piece of the music game genre pie.

I don’t want DJ hero to fail, but I personally do not see this catching on like Rock Band or Guitar Hero. Most people will be looking at DJ Hero, and say that it is just another peripheral game. Maybe I will be wrong, but most of the people I know are really down with rocking out instead of turning those tables.

DJ Hero is slated to be released later in the year. No word on how the turntable will work or when exactly the game will be released, all I can say is hopefully if the game does succeed, we might be able to see some Guitar Hero integration with DJ Hero.

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