Guitar Hero Stand Alone Drums!

It was announced a couple of days ago on the Guitar Hero Community Website that the Drum Kit for Guitar Hero World Tour would be available by itself at select retailers. Well I bet you can guess who one of the “select retailers” are, Gamestop, though if you don’t want to buy from the devil you can also pick it up at Best Buy. Personally I am really excited for this because I wanted the drum set but I just got the game for christmas, so I can go pick up the drums from Best Buy. They do seem a tad overpriced thought, what do you guys think?

We are excited to announce that starting on February 15th, we will be selling our awesome Guitar Hero World Tour Standalone Drums at Best Buy and Gamestop retailers! 

The Standalone Drums are the same wireless drums that are sold in the Guitar Hero World Tour Full Band Bundle and include such features as 5 pressure sensitive pads and cymbals(!) to offer one of the most realistic drum playing experiences possible! 

So get ready to expand your band and pick up your drum set on Feb 15th!!

* The Standalone Drums will retail at $99.99 (USD) and will be available exclusively through Best Buy and Gamestop retail locations.

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