Is Your Xbox Covered?

This is more of a public service announcement for all launch day Xbox 360 owners and a general heads up because warranty’s are expiring.

If you have the original launch day 360 it will no longer be covered by the Microsoft extended three year warranty as of February 2nd.

If you need to have your Xbox serviced after this date you can go right to the online support page and you can get you console fixed for $99, if you choose to call the Xbox support line it will set you back $119.  That’s a $20 savings if you take care of it online and not deal with the annoying prompts you have to deal with when you call in.

So just beware because  our security blanket of our three year coverage is coming to a end.

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  • both of mine are half broke and both of mine are not covered. I really hate owning a console that does not last more then 3 years.