P*N Question Of The Week, Feb 1

Well it’s Super Bowl time (in fact it is on right now for me) and while most people tune in to watch the game, the game is very exciting, at times it can be overshadowed by the commercials that air during the breaks, and that leads into this weeks question. What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?

Here are a couple that I really enjoyed (BTW, the Super Bowl is still going on so you might want to wait on answering)

And if you happened to miss them or want to see them again, has you covered, click that link to see all the commercials that aired during the game.

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  • what is this so called..”super bowl” everyone speaks of?

    I havent seen all the ads, but the GI Joe trailer was sick

  • Bud Light: Swedish was the best!

  • They crystal ball on was my favorite. LMAO when he hits his boss in the nuts!

  • WCC5723

    I also enjoyed the crystal ball