UFC 2009 Undisputed Gameplay Video

If you are a UFC fan then you have to watch this video, it will give you shivers and you will want this game as soon as you can get it.

Special thanks to those guys at for getting this awesome video (they have another video there too that you should also check out). And you should also check out this link here at as they interviewed Neven Dravinski, UFC 2009 Undisputed’s product manager.

You’ll end up in, say, open guard, and then you’ve got moves that let you go to half guard, or to side control,” Dravinski said. “If a guy’s in side control on the bottom he can transition the guy on the top back into half guard. When you’re on the bottom you’ve got the option to pull your opponent down so he can’t tee off on your face. We’ve tried our best to capture the complexity and the struggle of the ground game. Once you play the game and see the differences in the position that you’re able to achieve, you’ll see we’ve managed to capture the essence of getting to these positions, struggling within them and then initiating submissions.

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