Free Radical’s Fate Is Hazy

Wow, that’s a bad pun. Anyway, the fate of developer Free Radical will be announced on February 4th. ReSolve Partners have been handling the restructuring of the company and will know on Wednesday whether they will be able to save the company from being yet another closed development house.
What I find interesting is in the Joystiq write up of this story, they completely deify Free Radical because they still supposedly have members of the team that gave us Goldeneye. While I maintain that Goldeneye is one of the best FPS games I’ve ever played on a console, I’m amazed that these guys have been living off of that reputation for so long.

I don’t want to see Free Radical close. I want Battlefront 3 and another TimeSplitters, but if Haze was any indication, is the Goldeneye magic gone? If they do get a second chance, do you think we’ll see a return to form?

Rare made a miraculous come back, but they also had Microsoft’s deep pockets. Let’s hope Free Radical gets the second chance they need.

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