Horse Armor Still Selling?

When you hear the phrase “The most unnecessary, costly DLC on the market”, you would probably think of Oblivion’s Horse Armor and I would have to agree, but if I told you it still proves to be one of Oblivion’s Top Ten Downloads you would probably not believe it.  Well believe fellow gamers, in a recent Bethesda blog post is states the Horse Armor continues to sell daily and it is #9 on the top ten DLC list  for Oblivion.

1. Wizard’s Tower

2. Thieves Den

3. Mehrunes Razor

4. Spell Tomes

5. Vile Lair

6. The Orrery

7. Knights of the Nine

8. Shivering Isles

9. Horse Armor

10. Fighter’s Stronghold

I played Oblivion and loved the game but I was never tempted to buy the Horse Armor not even in a moment of weakness,  I did at some point think that Bethesda should any day be releasing the Horse Armor for free and then I will pimp out my horse.  Well know I see why it has yet to become free DLC, because people a still buying it.

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