Time to Finish GTA IV: ‘Game Over!’ Month Begins!

by Chris Brown


Game Over Month graphic by Stevie Boxall

February is Game Over! Month at The Married Gamers Community Forums.  During the month, we’re asking our members and listeners to visit The Married Gamers Community Forums and head to the Game Over! Month thread.  Create a new thread in the Game Over! section announcing what games you plan on finishing in February and them write about your experiences playing the games to completion.

On our live Ustream podcast recording on Saturday February 30th, Kelly and myself will choose a favorite poster-writer on the  and they will win a new copy of Street Fighter IV on the console of their choice.

So not only only can you have a blast wrapping up those games that got passed on, we at The Married Gamers will get you started on creating some new gaming experiences for 2009!

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