Will Gears style move and shoot controls save RE5?

Capcom has confirmed via video interview on OXM that they will indeed be shipping the game with Gears of War style move and shoot mechanics.  So the question remains then is this enough to move the game back on to the “buy” list for so many of those who after playing the demo felt the game didn’t live up to the hype?

Moving past the initial question of will the controls make a difference, one also has to ask why Capcom would release a demo that didn’t contain the control scheme if they (per their own admission) knew so many wanted it via feed back?   My own take on this, is that Capcom has made a huge mistake in releasing this demo with out the control scheme built in.   I don’t think they needed to rush out a demo for this game.  I think sales for it would have been just fine with video clips.  Now they have to recapture a significant chunk of fans who were turned off to the game play due to a missing element that will in fact be there come launch day.

What do you think?  Can Capcom over come this misstep and gain back sales with the current demo in place?

OXM report on RE5

Edit: Update to the story.   I had been informned that the OXM interview is in fact incorrectly stated by the Capcom person in the video and the game will NOT ship with any shoot and move style mechanic.  I since then confirmned the report with Capcom PR, who indeed confirmned that no shoot and move mechanic will ship with the game.

In light of these facts and the out cry from many will this hurt RE5 sales?   I again ask the question, did Capcom need to put out a demo and should they have?

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  • The report that you can move and shoot is false. Capcom isn’t going to change this mechanic. It’s a trademark of the series.

  • @Gemini, are you sure about that? Because in the OXM report at 1:22 the Capcom guy flat out says you WILL be able to move and shoot in the retail version via a control choice.

  • Jeff

    am i the only one who likes the inability to move while shooting? it really helps set it apart. of course it’s not realistic, but RE has never been about realism. if they wanted RE5 to be a shooter they would’ve set up the controls, pacing, and enemy AI completely differently. it’s more of an action-thriller than anything else.. it’s not a shooter, and it’s not quite survival horror like the original 3. there are plenty of good zombie shooters out there, like left 4 dead. this isn’t one of them. it’s an action game at it’s core, and it limits you to create tension and stress.

    That said, they should really add this at least as an option. They really want to appeal to more western audiences, and they could at least have an “easy mode” option where you can turn on run-and-gun if you so choose. I think in future resident evils they should make walking while shooting standard. They can find more clever ways of limiting the player than just via controls, and maybe a hard difficulty could be thrown in where you can’t move while shooting.

  • Yonasjonas

    Noob. RE5 doesn’t need saving it’s already a top contender for GotY. Learn to play.

  • The game is Resident Evil 5 – no more and no less RE from what I played in the demo. I feel that Capcom shouldn’t have released a demo – the name sells on its own. The demo did more harm than good from all the negative stuff flying all over the net. Then again – gamers are some of the whiniest people on the planet. We want we want – waaaaa – I don’t like staying still (throws tantrum by click mouse really fast while kicks wall)….You would be a damn idiot to listen to them them all – follow your insticts and skills….If its too hard, go play Mario Party 8 or something.

  • Well I was once again sold on the game when I started reading this and by the time I finished this article I’m once again $60 richer because now, just like after I played the demo, I will NOT be picking this up.

    The demo just showcased how clunky this game is and why I don’t need to buy it. (btw, I was sold on the game BEFORE I played the demo)

  • I cancelled my pre-order after the demo, this game looks like pure garbage..