Acquisitions Abound

Gamefly today announced the purchase of Shacknews and its associated sites which include Fileshack and Mod DB.  Its a interesting move for Gamefly, seeing as their current business really has nothing to do with editorial content. Another recent news site acquisition led to disaster, but Gamefly promises they wont be making any drastic changes to the network and will even add “additional resources”.

Ubisoft also announced a aquisiton, buying up Action Pants Inc. So far Action Pants has yet to develop or publish a game but Ubisoft has palns to increase that resume from zero to one, with plans to have them develop a exclusive Wii sports game.

Crytek is also rumored to be acquirng Free Radical, the recently shut down developers of the Time Splitters franchise and the PS3 flop Haze. Crytek has opened three new studios over the last two years and also bought Black Sea Studios last year.

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