Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3) TQ Review

Metal Gear Solid 4 not only makes owning a PS3 a glorious thing, but it will make you propose to your PS3 without alcohol or demented Vegas influences. All love baby!

Controls:Top Notch, third person controls with precise aim and movement. Satisfying shooting feels very realistic. The most precise Dual Shock 3 vibrations ever experienced.

Graphics: Stunning! Explosions, weapons, characters, cut-scenes are just… beautiful! The most beautiful women models in any game.

Sound: Superb sound, best if played on surround sound. Music and voices are a strict soundtrack masterpiece. Sound affects are top notch, explosions, and weapons sound realistic and on point with the situation.

Replay Value/Story: You got hot babes I mean purposely hot, you have break dancers (Raiden). Awesome fight scenes. The story keeps you hooked and you don’t feel the length of the cut scenes. It truly has it all.

MGS4 Feels like the 08 version MGS1 plus more.  Most importantly the game takes the gamers that have played MGS1 for the PS1 to a familiar place that is shocking and satisfying.

Any Negatives TQ?
Cut scene lengths can be an issue to some gamers. The story can get a bit confusing. No trophy support.

Wishes or Changes: TQ wants to know how Sunny got rescued..MGS5 perhaps?? And where is the trophy patch???

TQ bottom line: MGS4 is Epic, a must own, a must experience, an attempt of gaming/cinematic experience that actually worked! Although some gamers might not ever get hip to MGS games, the rep speaks for itself. Metacritic average score is 94 while has it at average 8.7 with more than half of the scores coming at 100 or 10’s.

Final Verdict: 5 michelas out of 5!

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