No Humpdate This Week

This week’s lack of a humpdate on Wednesday is brought to you by the letter H (for hospital) and F, T, and L.

As many of you know, Edie’s husband had a major oil-change and lube — or more accurately, spinal fusion surgery. He’s doing fine, but with Edie running back and forth to the hospital, we’ve decided to give her a break this week from the midweek news roundup with Commander Tim.

Saturday’s show with Cooper Hawkes is still on the books, so check back then for a new episode.

Thanks for all your well wishes. If you want to keep track of what’s going on with both her and Engineer Kevin, you can follow her on Twitter (Twitter name: GamerEdie). She’s been tap-tap-tapping away, if only to relieve to boredom of sitting around in a hospital room watching re-runs of Judge Judy.

To tide you over, you can check out Hawkes’ Vegas pictures, including several containing Edie and Kev in various stages of drunkeness on his Hawkes’ 40th Birthday Facebook photo album.