NXE Avatar Clothing Acheivements?

Could your NXE Avatar soon be dressing up as your favorite character from one of your favorite games?

In a interview by VG247, Rare has gone on record by stating “That games will soon give players items of clothing and accessories for their Avatars in the same way they hand out Gamer Points”.  How sweet would this be taking your plain Avatar and achieving some cool new gear from the game or maybe even having your Avatar tote one of the weapons from a game.

I wouldn’t mind seeing this become a reality so everyone can see maybe what you have unlock or achieved while playing a game, plus the clothes so far really haven’t been the greatest this would be a nice change.

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  • It’s a great idea, and one that should have been announced with the launch of the NXE imo. You currently just can’t get “excited” over the avatar additions as you never know what they are or when they are coming. So to be able to “unlock” a shirt, hat, etc… that would turn the avatar themselves into a personal trophy of achievment. Its a brilliant idea if you ask me.

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    I would definitely like to see this sort of thing happening soon. I know Home has stuff like that already so it would be nice to see a little extra incentive for playing games on all consoles.

    Trophies are great but free stuff you can use beats all! Unless they’re giving away cash of course.