Arcade Wednesdays: R-Type Dimensions

You are in for a treat this Wednesday, because the classic game: R-Type Dimensions has finally been released onto the marketplace for 1200 Microsoft Points. Usually such a high price would mean that you are getting ripped off for an arcade game. But the things that have been added to R-Type Dimensions revolutionize games on the marketplace, and make me want more games to have the special feature.


R-Type Dimensions is a side scrolling space shooter. You can do it with a friend in co-op over Xbox Live. And the one thing that you will be extremely impressed by is the new 2D/3D button. At ANY point during the game, you can press the Y button and it will switch from the modern 3D version (in which you can also chance the camera angle) to the 2D classic version. Other games do have the feature that you can play with the old graphics, such as Sonic and Contra. But this takes it to the next step in my eyes, the ability to just press one button to make a seamless switch between 3D and 2D is a great addition.

R-Type Dimensions is available on the marketplace now for 1200 Microsoft points!

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