Netflix on your PS3 $10 cheaper this week

What up TQfam, it appears that PlayOn Media Server is now becoming more and more popular, since we spoke about it on one of our 40’s TQcast. For those that are not aware of what PlayOn Media server is, PlayOn is a software that runs on your windows PC, that allows you to stream YouTube, Hulu, CBS, Netflix, CNN, ESPN, and many more) services on your TV using your PS3. We all know that the 360 has that nice feature of streaming from Netflix, but you could do the same on your PS3.

PlayOn is now in full release. To celebrate, the Media Mall is discounting the software to $29.99 from its original $39.99 one time price. But act now you only have till February 8th to copp that $10 mO DeAl. You can also try it out before purchasing. Check out PlayOn here

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