Review: Magic Ball

Game Review: Magic Ball (PSN)
Genre: Action Arcade (according to GameSpot it is an action game)
Developer: Creat Studios
Available Platforms: PS3
Players: 1-2
MSRP: $9.99
ESRB Rating: Everyone

Magic Ball is a game available on the Playstation Network for $9.99. It is basically a spruced up version of the classic game breakout. Your only goal is to bounce your ball off the paddle at the bottom of the screen and hit & destroy all of the objects in the current area. There are almost 50 different stages, and over 24 different power-ups in the entire game.

In Magic Ball you control a small paddle at the bottom of the screen and try to bounce the ball off of it to hit objects in the scene. You can acquire power-ups that do things like make your ball bigger, split your ball, speed it up, enlarge you paddle and many others. There are also environmental power-ups that help you destroy the stuff in the scene.

Magic Ball also contains multiplayer functionality allowing you to play with one additional player. Multiplayer was a little weird, it split the screen in half (figuratively) giving each player a paddle and letting them move it only in their half of the screen. There is a cooperative multiplayer where you work together to score points, and a competitive multiplayer where you have to try to keep the ball away from you opponent whilst scoring points.

This game was great to play when you first downloaded it, it was entertaining, and had great destruction physics. Magic Ball is defiantly a very pretty game, it has wonderfully colorful graphics, and a good art direction. It also has the simplicity factor going for it, it is so easy to play you could probably get you grandma to play some co op with you if you wanted, and you would have a good time.

Magic Ball is not perfect however, it does lack the diversity needed to keep you coming back. Most of the stages are extremely similar to the rest of the stages in the game. The online multiplayer is really laggy at time which breaks this type of game. The competitive multiplayer is really weird, and unfair it really should have been changed or entirely left out.

Other than the game getting a little boring after awhile Magic Ball was great! I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys more casual game and has 10 bucks to blow.

Edit: Just received word from Michael Robinson, Director of Communications for Creat Studios, and he told us that there will be additional levels and an additional theme on the way. So stay tuned for that.

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  • That’s great news about the additional content. Great review Snakeman

  • Glad to see the game is getting additional content, i really hope its something with more detail. Even the levels with the castle are pretty simple physics wise, being only made up of 50 blocks or so. Id like to see something with a massive amount of blocks to show off the physics engine. Thats where i find the big flaw in this game, the whole catch is its 3d physics based Brick but the physics system is pretty bare minimum.