Whoa! What a PSN Update we had today!

While not officially part of the PlayStation Update the highlight on the PSN today, for Gamestop pre-orderer’s and people in the EU (a light bulb should go off for gamers not in the EU) is the Killzone 2 Demo. This is a very short section of the first level and probably will not give you a good idea if you should keep you pre-order or not. Do us all a favor and DO NOT keep your pre-order. You got your demo, go use the $5 on something that comes out sooner and show Gamestop that we do not appreciate having to pay for demos! ok rant over!

But, we are not done with items that are , technically, not part of the PSN Update for the week. Earlier this morning Burnout Paradise was UPDATED to version 1.60. This added what everyone wanted; Restart! It also made a lot of tweaks to the gameplay that you will notice right when you start up Burnout, and I’m not talking about the in-game store (for PS3 and PC) or the awesome new Blue color pattern. I am speaking of how easy the game is! Trust me you’ll see what I’m saying.


So onto the real PlayStation Store update for the Week of 2/5/09

The highlight for me is 3-On-3 NHL Arcade.  I have played the trial (from the “light bulb” idea above) and it is a blast.  The computer is challenging and I can not wait to get on-line!  Its going be like 1994 all over again and the NBA Jam TE Tournaments we had all night long!  There is a offline only trial for this title.  So you can try before you buy!  Also the PSN has a one week exclusive over the XBLA!

Next up would be Mik, from the Fanboys, and Steve’s, highlight for the week (I assume); MLB 09 The Show Demo. As you can see in the video below it is a very pretty game and I am sure it plays very well. Check it out for yourself and see if this PlayStation Exclusive title will get you baseball gaming $s this year.

There is also a Little Big Planet Valentine’s Day Pack out today, but that is about it for today’s PSN Update.  If that is not enough then you have way to much time on your hands!

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