A Special Interview with Joel Wade of EA

This week, Edie Sellers (host of the Gamehounds podcast) and I sat down with Joel Wade, Senior Producer of Godfather II. We covered many topics and had a blast talking to Joel for a little over an hour. Armed with Skype, we went to work and asked Joel some questions, both light and drilling, and what we came up with is something unique, indeed. Overall, it was a fun time.

Some of the topics of this interview include:
* What Godfather II is all about
* What the gameplay is like
* What it feels like to be “The Don” and what powers it possesses
* New features coming to Godfather II that vary from the first title
* Specs of Godfather II
* Getting to know Joel Wade
* Plus much more

You also get to hear what Edie sounds like after being up for thirty straight hours.

I wish to thank Joel Wade and everyone else over at EA who made this interview happen. We here at Platform Nation thank you for this opportunity. I hope everyone enjoys this original interview.

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