Is The Xbox Update Killing Your 360?

Could the latest update for the Xbox 360 be killing your beloved console?

Tuesday February 3, 2009 Microsoft released a mandatory update to fix the HDMI sound related issues, but instead of just fixing the sound issues a lot of people are now finding their consoles are going belly up with the dreaded 3 Red Rings.  This is what Microsoft has to say about the problem:

We are always taking steps to ensure our customers have the best experience on Xbox 360 and we have a detailed and comprehensive test and acceptance plan for our software updates to the console. If you are having any problems, please visit so that we can assist you

Is this just a coincidence that some consoles are dying right after the update, or is this the normal failure rate?  Whatever the case is just remember if you bought the launch Xbox 360 you are no longer covered by the extended warranty so make sure of your warranty date, and if this  problem is caused by the update, let’s hope Microsoft will be responsible enough to take the blame and issue a fix for the problem, as we all know if you are a PlayStation 3 owner, updates can cause problems.

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