New York Comic Con 2009


Where do I start? This is all I can say about New York Comic Con thus far.  I have spent the whole day at NYCC and I have yet to finish walking the entire Jacob Javitz Center and seeing everything.  I have met a lot of new people and played a lot of new games today.

The first game I got my hands on is the new Grand Theft Auto:  ChinaTown Wars.  I played the game for about ten minutes and my first impression of the game is: this is a must buy for the Nintendo DS.  The graphics were something you would expect from the DS, but the open world style is what really caught my eye with this game. The overhead view the game provides was actually appealing  and I don’t really care for the overhead view but didn’t seem to mind it here.  The few minutes I spent with the game made me want more.

The next game I really had a good time with was something you may not have heard of because it has been kept under wraps until today at NYCC.  The name of the game is Unbound Saga for the PSP and will be available for download on the PSN June 2009.  The game was explained in detail by Mike Kennedy, Producer with Vogster Entertainment.  Unbound Saga is based on the comic series brought to us by Dark Horse.  The game is a arcade style brawler and proved to be a lot of fun.  You play as comic book tough guy Rick Ajax and you brawl your way across the panels towards the final showdown with the “Maker”.  The graphics where excellent and the game play was smooth.

I also had the opportunity to get my hands on Overload Dark Legend, a Wii game that was pretty impressive.  This game impressed me to the point where I wanted a Wii just so I can play this game.  Dan Robinson, Marketing Manager for Codemasters,  gave me a little insight into the game and explained they wanted something different for the Wii and that comes to us with new characters, new story and new gameplay.  You get to play as a young new Overlord taking control of evil minions that wreak havoc on the land.  The game brings some characters you might have heard of, such as Little Red Riding Hood and the Tooth Fairy–but they kind of twist the fairy tale stuff around a little bit.  I really enjoyed this game. The graphics were something I would expect from the PS3 or Xbox 360, but not the Wii.

I will be bringing you another update on the New York Comic Con as soon as I sort through my notes and try to make head or tails of  my handwriting.  Plus somethings I just can’t put into words you see at the New York Comic Con, but I will see what I can do.

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  • I’m jealous that you were able to go, I kind of wish I did 🙂

    Well Scott I can’t wait to see what else happened and maybe a crap ton of pics 🙂

    Keep us posted!

  • kingofk1ngs

    I got to go. You suck Steve.

  • Pinksage

    I’m mega jealous as well. Now, go check out some comics! ;]