Fight Night 4 Community Event

What’s up TQfam, just wanted to remind everybody that Electronic Arts’ Fight Night 4 community event is just around the corner. Feb 22-24 to be exact are the dates for this glorious event live from Vancouver Canada. Desz will be representing for both TQcast and Platformnation so hit em up, if you have any questions.

EA will be going LIVE for the first time during portions of the event, utilizing their Inside EA Sports blog with streaming audio/video, along with pictures and, copy that will be posted on the spot, to give the community at home a look at some of the happenings during this glorious event.

Keep it locked on and for the latest on this monster event.

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  • I’m curious about not only why so long between sequels but what type of improvements in the game are we going to see after so long. Maybe new modes or new training exercises.

  • I am really big on creating my own character and taking it to the pros on Fight Night games so I want to know if EA plan on incorporating face photo importing or face mapping on this game. By that, I mean will they allow you to take a picture of your face and put it on your boxer? Other games like Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 do it and I remember EA pushing face mapping on the PC in the early 2000s.

    I seriously want to know what kind of depth they’re bringing to the create a player mode. It’s one of the main reasons I love the game. Will they give us a color wheel to actually select the color of every piece of equipment ala WWE Smackdown vs Raw series? Will they let us import photos or give us design layers to make the shorts and gloves more customized?

    Will you be able to trade your customized boxer to a friend online? Just think…if you’re tired and don’t feel like getting online you could just beat up a virtual Steve on your PS3. More importantly, if we’re able to trade characters online, will we get their stats and fighting tendencies? I remember some of the 2K games let you import a gamer’s playing style into your system which allowed you to practice against that particular gamer’s style. Using FN4 as an example, you would trade for Steve’s boxer. When you got him, you would get the character’s career stats, online playing stats(low jabs, uppercuts thrown, favored blocking side, tendencies, etc.), and of course his face/character makeup plus any photos used to make him.

    I just think this would make FN4 so much better. You could learn a lot about other fighters and it gives you a built in way to get better against your friends as long as you know how to formulate a strategy using other people’s statistics.

    Sorry for the long post, but I just have to know. I want to see drastic improvements. Tyson alone can’t sell me on buying a new game. Okay…maybe he can, but I want EA to push this game into the Next Generation already.

    Oh and one more thing. I wanted to know if you’ll be able to record your knockouts by saving replays. I thought it would be awesome especially on the PS3 if they used the Youtube functionality here.

    If they say no to any other them, ask if they plan on doing so in the future.