New Comics Coming Our Way

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Unbound Saga the comic book by Dark Horse Comics is set to release  June 2009.  The comic follows the adventures of tough guy Rick Ajax and he is trapped in a comic book world that always needs to be saved.  Rick is always at odds with “The Maker” who is constantly drawing new dangers in Rick’s path.  The comics artist/writer is Cliff Richards.  I did not get to see the comics itself but it does sound interesting and if you are not a comic reader,  you can follow the story with your  PSP and unfold your own adventure.


The next comic  was unveiled at New York Comic Con and the writer only spoke to a few people and I was one of the lucky ones.  The name of the comic is Lillim and is written by Shaun Lapacek and published by Image Comics.  This comic puts a different perspective on mythology as we know it.  In this upcoming comic it makes Zeus out to be a bad god and puts a new twist on religion as we know it today. The comic sounds  interesting enough to maybe at least  pick up one copy and give it a read.  Shaun proved to be a good sport while I was talking to him about his upcoming comic, because at first I thought he was joking about the story line but as he told me more he ensured me it was going to be a great story.  Release for Lillim is set for March 2009.

Neither one of these are the comic covers.  The Unbound Saga Photo is a screenshot for the upcoming game and the Lillim cover is from a previous issue written by Shaun Lapacek.

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