Hands On With A Trio From Sega


Sega had a good showing at New York Comic Con with some new games for the Wii, and they proved to be unique in their own way.

The first game I am going to talk about is Mad World and when you first take a look at it’s cartoony graphics and Frank Miller type look you are kind of set back and wonder to yourself what is Sega thinking here until you get your hands on the game.

Mad World is set in a sci-fi fantasy world and you play as Jack,  a participant in a virtual reality show whose goal is to beat and kill all those that get in his way, and to complete the task of taking everyone out Jack can pick up items to throw at his opponents or just use a chain saw for a little sawing in half action.

The game play was superb with it’s black and white graphics and a lot of red thrown in there for effect when you are chainsawing or maybe impaling your foes on a spike strip.  The overall game really impressed me and would be on my list if I owned a Wii.  Mad House is slated for release this March.

Next game up is The Conduit and this game takes place in present day Washington D.C., and you play as Secret Service Agent Ford and you are trying to figure out the truth behind a recent extraterrestrial invasion.  You get a unique peice of equipment that you pick up early in the game known as the All Seeing Eye (ASE), which can detect hidden traps and enemies scattered throughout the levels.  The demo that was played was multiplayer, team deathmatch  and once again Sega really impressed me with the games look and gameplay.

The single player mode consists of nine missions and does have online multiplayer.  The Conduit is set to release June 2009.

The last game I had the pleasure to demo was The House of the Dead Overkill.  This game is a first person shooter and is a prequel to the first game in the series and takes place in 1991,  you play a Special Agent G and you are sent to investigate the mysterious disappearances of people in Louisiana.

This game really did not impress me that much, it was just your ordinary point and shoot zombie killer.  The graphics where something we are used to seeing with the Wii and really lacked that extra something the other two games above had.  House of the Dead Overkill is set to release February 10th.

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