Iphone App of the Week

Game: Zombie Attack

Genre: Tower Defence

Developer: IUGO



Rating: 9+

Zombie Attack is a tower defense-ish game (I just got into the genre and I’m not sure if it is technically tower defense). The basic premiss of the game is that you are the last survivor of a zombie attack and you need to protect your shack.

In Zombie Attack your goal is to place weapons around your shack to kill the zombies before they reach it. You have 4 weapons at your disposal, each having the potential of 4 upgrades. Upgrades will increase the range, power, and accuracy of your weapons. Instead of being “god” you are a little man in purple who has to run around (tilt controlled) and setup the weapons. He can die an infinite number of time, but you get a 8 second penalty each time, which can be disastrous.

It has some major differences to a typical tower defense game, including the little man. Another major difference is that the zombies move on whatever path they choose, instead of the fixed winding path. Also you cannot pause the game to place defenses. You do get a bounty for every zombie you kill like in a normal tower defense game. 

Zombie attack offers an addictive escape from wherever you happen to be when you become board. It has a really good tilt mechanic for moving your little man. It really ramps up in difficulty, and intensity at a good pace. 

However like any game out there it does have some “flaws”. One of my biggest issues was when I was trying to get next to a weapon to upgrade it I would not be close enough or I would get stuck between it and a horde of zombies and would get killed. The only other problem is that you have to play with the iPhone almost completely flat, which seems to be a reoccurring problem with tilt controlled games.

The bottom line is that Zombie Attack is a really enjoyable game. I would recommend it to anybody who likes the tower defense genre.

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