Snoop Dogg Coming To Rock Band

Yesterday we found out that MTV will be bringing Snoop Dogg to Rock Band as DLC sometime in the future. While I’m personally excited at the prospect of rapping as the Doggfather, this brings up a topic that hasn’t been discussed much.

We know that all the songs that appear on Rock Band (and Guitar Hero) are censored to maintain the E rating. What we don’t know is, how will they handle a song that will probably have some very racy content. Up until now, we’ve been ok with a few minor omissions because we are too busy rocking out. How will Harmonix handle rap?

I also find it interesting that we have not been given the option to purchase adult or M rated versions of songs as DLC. Could the Snoop Dogg DLC usher in this change?  Is the need for M rated material in Rock Band even an issue in the community?

Bring on the Gin & Juice.

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  • bigmangriff

    I know I am looking forward to it and I know some others that are, too. Can’t wait to get a date on this. I have been saying all along taht we need a mature option on the songs, or a option in game taht can be password protected and turned on and off.

  • WCC5723

    I agree we should have the option to play the song as the artist intended to have their music played, be it Snoop or any other artist. How many times have you messed up a song on Rock Band because you where singing the uncut version?