Free Your Avatar app goes global

Once exclusive to the UK’s web space, Microsoft’s online, photo tinkering Free Your Avatar tool just released to most all global sites. The website relaunch also comes with the new ability to upload your own background and comes packed with “new props and goodies!” Joy! The Free Your Avatar website gives you the ability to import your Avatar likenesses, plop them into a scene, add a few props and save the image to a computer or social networking site of choice. There are also Valentine’s Day themed props, so you can create a V-Day card for your significant other. (Good luck with that.) The application is free (would you really pay for it?), so go piddle around for a while and see what twisted charming scenes you can create. (

I think its always great when they give all regions the same content. It may be only a app to put your avatar on another website, but its something neat to mess with and now its on “Most” global sites.

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