New iPhone App: Sheepish


The New Zealand based development studio Pixelthis released a new game for the iPhone App store. Sheepish is a puzzle game in which you have to use pipes, and some other items to navigate you sheep to the end. Sheepish will only cost you $3.99, and will include over 100 levels. This game looks like it will be phenomenal. Check out the press release below, and keep an eye out for a review, in the coming days.

NEW ZEALAND – 11 February, 2009 – New Zealand game development studio Pixelthis debuted on 

small screens around the globe today with the release of their game ‘Sheepish’ for iPhone. “Sheepish 

features over 100 levels of cleverly built puzzles, making it one of the best value-for-money games 

available on the iPhone.” says Pixelthis CEO, Peter Vullings. “With it’s simple game play but addictive 

nature, we are sure to have a popular hit on our hands.”.  Sheepish is played by placing pipes, 

trampolines and other items in front of sheep to try and guide them to the end of each level.  As 

people have come to expect from the revolutionary device, this is done by simply tapping a finger 

around the screen.  “The game is perfect for the iPhone – you don’t need to be an avid gamer to 

really enjoy Sheepish.” Peter adds. 

Although not the first game by the studio, Sheepish is the first Pixelthis title to feature on Apple’s 

popular iPhone and iPod touch.  Pixelthis started making games in 2004, contracting their services to 

giants such as Telecom and Office products Depot. “Telecom used our games as a novel way to up- 

skill their staff about new products and services they were releasing.” Peter states.  “The staff are 

playing games but learning at the same time. Everybody wins!”.  Pixelthis was soon attracted to the 

huge potential of mobile phone games with their global audiences, and established itself as a 

pioneering leader in the emerging Flash Lite mobile phone game market.  “Our Flash Lite games 

have been very popular in the USA, where they have been available on the Verizon network alongside 

Cartoon Network games [among others].” says Peter.  Pixelthis started developing for the iPhone last 

year and is now ready to convert more of their popular games to the iPhone.  “We are working on 

some fantastic games.” Peter says, “We are releasing preview bonus material from time to time, 

building anticipation.  You’ll just have to keep your eyes open!”. 

Sheepish is available on iPhone and iPod touch through the Apple app store, directly through the 

device. “That’s the beauty for developers,” explains Peter, “Our games are just so easy for people to 

find and play. This is a big advantage of the iPhone over other mobile phones.”.  Those without 

iPhones can enjoy Sheepish from the comfort of their internet browser.  Pixelthis has an online 

version available along with a free demo at 

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