PSN brings Flower to the “Spring Fever” of gaming!


Remember last fall/winter when all those games were releasing back-to-back-to… you get the point.  We all picked the ones we were going to play on release and the set aside the ones that could wait till the next game release lull.  Well I’m here to tell you there is not going to be much of a lull this Spring!

Taking a play from its main competitor Sony launched the “Spring Fever” Section in the PSN this week.  The first release in this is Flower!

A game that has been described as poetry in video game form!  Available now on the PSN for $9.99.


If basketball is you game then there is a FREE NBA Live 09 All-Star Weekend Pack available now.  This pack not only gets you the official jerseys for the East and West teams but the official All-Star Weekend Court straight from Phoenix, Arizona!

I can not remember a game that came out with a second demo months after the launch of the first demo and the retail version of said game.  But that is what the guys and gals at Evolution Studios have done with MotorStorm: Pacific Rift!  In today’s PSN Update a new version of the demo was released.  The demo still has a single player and multi-player component but, in another surprise, the visitor’s of picked the map to be released in this demo.  They voted and “RAZORBACK” was the victor!  If you haven’t tried MotorStorm: Pacific Rift then now is the perfect time!

For all you Qore subscribers, or if you just have $2.99 lying around, then Episode #9 was also released today.  Highlights of this episode include: Inside MLB 09 The Show, “Qorevision” Technology in the the co-op Resident Evil 5 Experience and, the PS1 title, Syphon Filter.  (* Download will be provided through e-mail vouchers, to be mailed on or before March 31).

There is also your various FREE Themes: Flower Theme, LocoRoco 2 The Planet Theme, PAIN: The Hoff Theme, Magic Ball Theme, Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom Theme, Cuboid Theme

As well as your various game videos: Flower Trailer, Flower Developer Diary, LocoRoco 2 Launch Trailer, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue – The Ride Of Your Life, Tekken 6 Call To Arms Trailer, GTI Club+ Trailer, Brain Challenge Expansion Pack, 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand Trailer #1, 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand Trailer #2, 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand Trailer #3

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