Dragon Age: Origins


At the recent EA event, I had the opportunity  to talk with Heather Rabatich Assistant External Producer for BioWare a division of EA about the new PC game Dark Age: Origins  and also get a sneak peak at the in game action.

Dragon Age: Origins is a PC based RPG set to release Summer 2009.  In the game the choices you make change the world and affect the people around you.  The story is based on the decisions you make, you can choose to form a alliance with whom you choose or attempt to destroy them.  You choose your origin and play through the characters beginning so you can define their background and motivation and begin to learn more about the world of Ferelden from your own view.

I really enjoyed the look and the gameplay for Dark Age,  The demo was very well polished at the event and makes me want to see some more of this game.  Dark Age: Origins will also be coming out for the PS3 and the 360, so if you are a hardcore RPG fan take a look at this one, you wont be disappointed.

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