Halo Wars Breaking Records

Ensemble’s upcoming console RTS Halo Wars is already breaking records. Today, Major Nelson revealed that the game’s XBL demo (available here) has been downloaded by an astounding 2 milion Xbox Live gold members. Not only does that beat XBL’s five day record, but it also set a one day record for most demo downloads during that timeframe.  All things told, the feedback for the demo seems very positive, and Microsoft and Ensemble can likely count on a good number of those downloads to translate into full retail sales. 

Too bad Ensemble got shut down. Microsoft might seriously regret that decision when the game hits shelves on March 3.

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  • Richard Webster (B1gBadDaddy)

    You know I was considering how good the reception is for the demo, and how well the sales and feedback will be for the full title. Could this make MS perhaps change their decision about Ensemble?

    You see, things from that developer have been a little stagnant since the release of the second expansion for Age of Empires III, and perhaps in today’s market MS felt Ensemble have little left to offer. Halo Wars has proved this theory wrong.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they get reinstated.