Killzone 2 Demo Impressions

Hey psn fanboys Killzone 2 was released February 5 in Europe with a North American demo release date of February 26 a day before its retail release of February 27 the only way Americans are going to get in the demo before the 26 is to pre-order at gamestop.  I pre-ordered and downloaded the demo last night.

First off let me say that it is not the Halo killer it was hyped to be back in 2005 that said it does surpass most shooters including Halo in the graphics department.  If uncanny valley type visuals get you pumped up about a game then this is the FPS for you.  The controls take time getting used to L1 to melee?   I found clicking the right stick to aim down the sights bothersome as well.  I played on the default settings, but you can customize the settings to your liking.  The demo allowed you to use three weapons an RPG, assault rifles (both the ISA and the Helghast) and a pistol.    The best of these weapons was the ISA assault rifle the green targeting area surrounding the dot sight makes aiming a lot easier.  The RPG while powerful doesn’t feel like the uber weapon it’s been in nearly every FPS ever made.

The demo itself was short giving you about five areas to fight in which tells me that the little over a gigabyte download is mainly visuals and sound.  The only difficulty you can play on is called trooper, which seems like the default normal mode recruit, veteran, and elite being the most difficult.  So if you’re the type of gamer who yearns for a challenge then skip right to veteran mode or skip it outright.  There is no multiplayer on this demo so we’ll have to wait to the 27th to find out how that turned out.  While this game plays much easier than Resistance Two or COD4, Killzone two has already fulfilled probably its biggest expectation put in front of it and that’s being the showpiece for the PS3 while actual game play doesn’t look exactly like that infamous trailer from 2005 in game graphics does look as close a mere mortals developing from a closed platform like PS3 are going to get to that.

Till next time goood luck out there!

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