RE5 Demo, How Damaging Was It?

Given the community grumblings I had heard and experienced around the demo for Resident Evil 5 I wondered if the demo itself might have done more harm than good. So, I recently put out a poll on a few gaming community sites ( & looking for feed back on the success or lack of success the Resident Evil 5’s demo had with gamers. It’s a small sampling, and certainly not a definitive answer, but the results themselves absolutely show something went wrong for Capcom’s RE5 demo.

The survey sampling was simple. I asked the question: Did the RE5 demo change your mind? Here are the results from sampling and the answer choices:

  • 8% voted for “I was going to buy it and still plan on buying it.”
  • 0 % voted for “I was never going to buy it but now think I will buy it.”
  • 12% voted for “I was never going to buy it and still will not buy it.”
  • 80% voted for “I was going to buy it, but now will not buy it and may or may not rent it.”

Now this certainly doesn’t represent all of gamers and I am sure other communities would be skewed differently. However even with this small pool one can clearly see some telling facts. The demo managed to keep just 8% of its originally planning to buy consumers and failed to win any new buyers. Even more damning is the fact that the demo actually cost Capcom sales as 80% of those individuals who were going to get the game and now will not be buying a copy.

The quick down and dirty of this brings the conclusion that demo was far more damaging for Capcom than beneficial. While the game certainly will still pull decent sales given its fan base following the final numbers will undoubtedly be much smaller than anticipated. One has to wonder if Capcom will scale back on demo’s for some of their more high profile games.

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  • playing the demo put me into the “I was going to buy it, but now will not buy it and may or may not rent it.” category. It was awful, I don’t know why capcom released that demo, they should have focused on a SF4 demo instead, a demo that would have probably help push more copies of a game.

  • I had this game reserved and fully paid for, but thats getting cancelled. After playing the Killzone 2 and Halo Wars demos, they will get my time and money. I may rent RE5, but probably not. I just can’t imagine slugging through a game for 10-20 hours with those controls and item management issues. Its a shame because I used to love the Resident Evil series. The demo looked great, the story seems good, and was sort of fun. But it just was not my cup of tea.

  • I agree with 519er….And this is coming from an RE fanboy.